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8th of November 2017

Three sci-fi novels you should read to up your nerd game

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Quite recently I started reading novels again, or actually, listening, because I felt like ‘the usual’ non-fiction is good, but smart storytelling is just as stimulating for your brain as smart books, maybe even more. Add some nerd novels to your reading list!

These books teased my nerd brain in so many new ways, therefor helpful if you’re thinking of your next big idea, feature or argument. Tease your dreams a little with these imaginative stories. I limited myself to three books now, but if you like these let us know and we’ll make this a series!

Code wizards in a medieval times

Scott Meyer, ‘Off to be the Wizard’ released in 2014. While I’m not the biggest fantasy fan, this is not actually a fantasy novel. It’s actually a perfect symbiotic combination of sci-fi and fantasy.

Not to spoil you with a lots of details, instead I will give you a quick mindtrick:

Imagine you’re a nerd with amazing coding skills, and little ‘real world survival’ skills in medieval times—not only surviving—but also thriving because you discovered something others haven’t.

From the start, this story seems like it’s getting old quite quickly, but again and again it pulls you in with frantic challenges and quests. I’m now reading the fourth book in the series, it’s loads of fun, with the occasional LOL because it’s so recognisable.

nerd novels game wizard sci fi science fiction book

Dystopian virtual classes and offices

Ready Player One, written by Ernest Kline in 2011. My best friend kept recommending this book. After three times (usually it takes less tries) I checked it out, because he gifted me the audiobook.

The first run listening to this story I did was on a bicycle ride of around 2 hours, I was so incredibly hooked by then, the story is like you’re really experiencing it, virtually, in real life…

My friends turned crazy because I’m talking about this book so much, I do the same my friend did while raving about the book, now I’m spreading the love even more.

The dystopian world the story plays in is not the most comforting; with corporate greed making the world inhabitable, and the virtual world actually being more attractive.

The real life parallels are apparent; since climate disruption, scarcity in resources and corporate digital control is happening right now already.

While reading it I found out that Steven Spielberg bought the movie rights. Steven wrote the screenplay together with Ernest the writer as well; so I’m sure there will be loads of great stuff in there as well.

Although so many people already read the book, so the film is poised to also include enough new stuff as well. The trailer already offers 30% new parts, so I passive aggresively advise you to read the book as well.

“In the Beginning… Was the Command Line”

Snow Crash is a science fiction novel by American writer Neal Stephenson, published in 1992.

There’re not much novels out there that predict the future in a way. Neal was really ahead of its time, since this book has been written 30 years ago, without mainstream internet and the Matrix as inspiration.

Snow Crash is really blade runner-esk, where not only Los Angelos as a commonality—but also the cyberpunk style, which is described in so much detail by the writer.

nerd novels game wizard sci fi science fiction book

Let’s add this nerd novels to your reading list!

and let us know what new ideas you came up with! Enjoy!

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