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25th of April 2017

Supercharging App Page Optimization for App Developers and Publishers

TestNest helps app developers and marketers optimize their App Store and Google Play pages for conversions and get more installs.

TestNest platform leverages A/B testing to discover which app store page content (icon, screenshots, description etc.) is the most attractive to the audience and drives the most installs. The platform provides actionable analytics and insights on how users interact with app’s page in the store, which leads to better


How things started

We’ve started TestNest as an internal project based on the need we regularly faced. App stores are very competitive these days and every time you build and publish an app there is a very high chance it is going to be ignored if the app page is not attractive enough.

In addition to that we knew that different audiences are attracted to different marketing messages. Our experience working with web projects suggested that A/B testing is the way to go, but there was no A/B testing platform for app pages specifically. So we decided to build one.


Building the MVP

First, we have decided to check whether we are not the only ones who needed this kind of platform. After 1.5 weeks of work we had a working MVP built on Ruby on Rails framework with standard Bootstrap theme on the frontend. For the sake of short build-measure-learn iterations we’ve decided to share the platform with our friends and local marketing community.

After a few days of being in testing mode somebody posted us on ProductHunt and we ended up being 2nd highest voted product that day. This gave us around 1000 signups from indie app developers as well as big gaming publishers and marketing agencies.

We understood we were up to something.


Working on v1.0 product

After getting initial traction, TestNest incorporated and raised seed investment. It was the right time to get rid of the MVP and start building a reliable and expansion-ready product.

Our UX team worked on the wireframes which the UI team later on converted into beautiful user interface designs.

TestNest became one of the top app page A/B testing platforms in the world being used by small app developers as well as well known game publishers like Rovio, Ubisoft, SEGA and many others.

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