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18th of October 2017

Making the Silkroll UX stand out and above all, consistent

In every UX (user experience) you need to be consistent overall, you need to be focused on the goal at hand, and you should caring about the look and feel of the product or service. When we were first introduced to the Silkroll UX that was not the case.

The Silkroll UX was inconsistent, almost non existent at first

It looked a bit cluttered, things were not in order. Text was everywhere and nowhere, lots of whitespace made it not clearer, but more vague and not obvious where to start.

Clear relationships between the different colors were not present, there’s was no consistent color hierarchy over the website.

When we first saw the old site, and no design files whatsoever, we understood that there was no design thinking done at all, developers just randomly put elements here and there and that was it.

Where to start after this feedback

We are not here to roast the previous designers and/or front enders, but it was clear that it needed a refresh.

We started having interviews, meetings and workshops with the team. The Silkroll team was very involved in the process, and in any step of the way they gave feedback. Good discussions and feedback make great products, and eventually make great products.

We started high level with the big hairy audacious goal in mind; do good in the fashion world. We continued with a few mockups. The mockups make use of the different elements and facets, you’ll work from first principles, and then you’ll work you way up.

‘Rediscover your closet’ is the big theme in the Silkroll UX

And so on, the products have a main focus of course, it’s all about the quality of the fashion, the brands, the stories and the individual items.

Personal, personal, personal!

We’re addressing the user in a personal way because it’s all about the community that is sharing and trading—traders and members. If you don’t have either person that is doing their assigned actions, you’ll have the good old marketplace chicken and egg problem.

That means every member (user) is incredibly important, not only for the product, business model but for the growth and thus future of the company.

We like to communicate in a welcoming way because with the Silkroll UX it’s all about the user. That’s sounds a bit cliche, but it’s really about that.

In the persona we made for Silkroll, we describe her as not only the ideal fashionista—fashion lover, but mainly a concious one. Not only want to go the extra mile in her private life.

How we continue to implement feature by feature

What it means for us to work on Silkroll, it means that something everyone needs (almost like food) received a new special interest for us. From our designers to our sales people. Everyone became more aware of the great opportunities the fashion industry has to offer.

We really just love to work with the Silkroll team

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Making the Silkroll UX stand out and above all, consistent

Making the Silkroll UX stand out and above all, consistent

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