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13th of May 2017

Creating The First Apple Watch App Mockup Tool

ThinkApps for Watch is a free tool that allows anyone create an Apple Watch app concept in just 10 minutes. No downloads or access to an Apple Watch device is required.

A few months prior to official Apple Watch release, ThinkApps team approached us with the idea of creating an easy to use apple watch app prototyping tool. The device wasn’t available at that moment and everything that we had to work with was the general description of watch OS concept and rumors in the community. In addition to that the challenge was to explain apple watch app concept to prototyping tool users within 1-1.5 minutes so that they could start creating their app concepts quickly.



After performing in-depth research of all available information our UX design team came up with a few concepts. After a few iterations it was approved and we moved on to making wireframes.

The wireframes included the workspace of the prototyping tool as well as the public pages of created concepts which users could share with their friends or colleagues.


User interface design

After making sure we’ve covered everything in wireframes, our UI design team worked on the user interface design.

After completing the project, all design source files along with our implementation recommendations were handed over to the development team.

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Brighter has been acquired by big fish Intellectsoft!

Brighter has been acquired by big fish Intellectsoft!

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