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Supercharge your in-house team to do more.

Extending your in-house team with Brighter team means faster product to market, no recruitment hassle and up to 75% cost reduction. We empower you to move faster than your competition and focus on what you do best.

Supercharge your in-house team  to do more. Supercharge your in-house team  to do more.

On the mission to help you thrive.

Passion is a mandatory component of success. That’s why we work with startups we genuinely believe in. And this, in turn, creates powerful synergy and drives extraordinary results.

Research, Design, Development

Supercharging App Page Optimization for App Developers and Publishers

Brighter helped to crystalize the concept, design and build one of the leading App Page A/B testing platforms.

Concept, Design, Development

Revolutionizing Presentations World With ‘Presentain’

Presentain had an amazing idea of making presentations interactive but was seeking help in product management and implementation.

Concept, Sketching, UI/UX Design

Creating The First Apple Watch App Mockup Tool

ThinkApps reached out with the proposition to join forces in designing and building the first online Apple Watch app mockup platform.

It's all about people.

Years in product building taught us that people, their values, passions and dedication is what drives extraordinary companies to success. We take this seriously and rigorously select team members for every startup we work with.

It's all about people.

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