Nick Kurat
Nick KuratCEO

Publish Date

17th of April 2017

Revolutionizing Presentations World With ‘Presentain’

Presentain is a web and mobile platform that helps speakers engage their audience by making their presentations interactive.

When Presentain team first approached us, the platform suffered from one of the most popular startup mistakes – overwhelming feature set. In addition to that there was no clear vision on the target audience – should it be public speakers, educational institutions, conferences or even business sales teams.

Our team helped Presentain to:

  • Perform marketing research and identify the most lucrative audience with the biggest ‘pain’
  • Identify the features this group needed in the first place
  • Get rid of the redundant features without hurting the main value the platform provided
  • Make user experience and user interface design for existing and new features
  • Advice on the technological stack to be used, taking into account how critical it is for platform to run smoothly during live presentations
  • Handle technical implementation of new features and updates


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